Online Courses for Creative Rebels

We've created an extraordinary online learning experience. It doesn't matter if you are just starting out, or want to expand your knowledge. If you want to be a UX Designer or see the potential to start in any other Design field. We have the tools and courses to turn your dreams into careers. Be the first to know and sign up to our newsletter. Let the journey begin!

What you'll learn

Increase your confidence and market value NOW!

  • Business Lingo

    Tackle the business perspective - no more misunderstandings in your design briefs - you'll know exactly what you're designing

  • Customer research

    Fully understand the perspective of your customers but also how to synthesise and use the results

  • Creative Methods

    You'll gain new tools to generate meaningful Ideas that will show you off as a meaningful link in the design chain

  • Rapid Prototyping

    You'll gain new tools to prototype your ideas quickly and efficiently so that you can get to that beautiful and impressive design faster

  • Career Shift

    We'll prepare you for the new career shift - you'll know what you're worth and how to set yourself up for success during your first job interview as the new Experience Designer

  • Scope and Manage work

    You'll gain powerful tools for scoping your design work so that regardless if you're a part of a team or a freelancer - you'll be able to deliver on time!

Rebels we've supported

Our work goes a long way.

  • AXA Direct Poland
  • CD Projekt RED
  • Ergo Hestia Poland
  • Bank BPH GE Group
  • Atena SA Poland
  • Aleksandra Jarośkiewicz eCommerce Director CD PROJEKT RED

    You made the whole process easy. After we started working I become certain that we will have something great in the end. The way you approached all stakeholders convinced me that you know what you are doing and have particular ideas and solutions for us. Now, after job is done, we have our store online and it's crazy. We have great reviews, people like how the store looks like, how it feels it's ours, and shelves are empty ;)

  • Jakob Dock, ORACLE

    One of the best teachers in Europe on the topic of #DesignThinking @Andy Woynarowski helps #oraclefreshtalent participants to use this methodology to create extraordinary and customer-focused solutions. Thanks Andy, for making this so fun and relevant to our Oracle Partners! This is all part of the 4 months long Oracle Cloud Trainee program for Oracle partners.

  • David Eadie, USA

    Hi Andy - and thanks! First up - I really enjoyed the quality of the videos both your setup, camera and audio being very professionally done. Next, the content itself is evident of your years of experience in the field and not just from a book - this is important because I was looking for material that would be explained and to the point, with models and scenarios with respect to the creative nature of Design Thinking. This was my first Udemy course that I have done ever so other courses and presenters have a high standard to reach!! Thanks again!