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Make the shift into UX design. Now's the time

Learn UX design from experienced, driven mentors and become a sought-after pro who's not afraid to put in the work and reach for more.


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Is this you?
Is this you?

Online courses don't teach me anything

I have a certificate but no job

Still in the old job and not enough time to learn

I wish I had a mentor to guide me through this

How to slightly change career from UI Design to UX

Frustrated with self learning of UX

It's too late to start

Graphic skills are not enough to become a UX

Become a UX. The time is now.
Become a UX. The time is now.

So you've been thinking about UX design
So you've been thinking about UX design

And it's either:

  • Studying on your own it takes too much time and motivation, and there's no one to show you the real stuff.
  • Taking free online UX design courses that are usually pretty basic and outdated - and will try to sell you something eventually anyway.
  • Paying for a UX design course but how do you know what you're going to get or what the author's actual experience and success in the field is?

We have much more for you:

  • A real-time learning experience Our courses are not self-paced. We've seen the best results teaching LIVE classes, with a mentor.
  • Your dream job career consulting Get an additional UX career consulting helping you create your portfolio.
  • A UX design community After you complete a course you get an access to our #RebelsCircle - once a week for 6 months.

We'll show you real-life UX design projects. You’ll be able to communicate your design to a developer and managing the entire design process.

Make the shift in 2024

Our mission is to move you from where you are now to where you want to be - just as I myself have over the years. We practice what we preach - and teach what we do every day working on UX design projects with our corporate clients. So you can do it yourself in the future and confidently reach the goals you set yourself. Bringing immense value to the table, on your own terms. A UX design rebel, just like we are.

Andy Woynarowski

creator of 99grit Academy

So go on, take the skills you already have as a designer and turn them into an ultimate UX design stack letting you work on all kinds of UX design projects.

Become an all-round, hands-on UX designer

  • Start earning at least 40% more.

    Yes, you’ll have to work hard to get there. But that’s how you’ll build trust in your skills to confidently charge more.

  • Get real value, not the fluff.

    Let someone show you how to apply your knowledge and the tools you have available in actual business contexts.

  • Show up as a true UX design expert and let the job find you.

    You’ll stand out from under-skilled, inexperienced UX designers who know the theory but not the practice.

Go on, make the shift

We don't just talk about UX design
We don't just talk about UX design

And you get real value you can apply in a business setting, from people who've succeeded in the space (and not just read a book or two to make a living selling courses).

We've completed giant digital transformation projects across Europe, including:

  • 25 000 000 EUR +


  • 10 000 +

    UX/UI interfaces designed

  • 120 +

    Countries involved

  • 700 +

    project participants

And we want to share that experience with you. So you can get where we are - or wherever it is that you're headed.

UX mentor who's been there
UX mentor who's been there

Andy Woynarowski

Creative director, leader, artist, and UX design rebel. Creator of 99grit Academy. Expert in design thinking, user experience design, visual design, and concept art. With experience working on multi-million-dollar digital transformation projects, writing books on the subject, and teaching thousands of students in 120 countries both online and at the Fine Art Academy in Gdansk, Poland. Someone who's been there and can help you get there, too.

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