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Talk UX with the dev team

Struggling to get your point across to a developer when you’re not one yourself? This course will show you how to handle the conversation and get results without burning bridges.

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Sound Familiar?

I don’t get anything from what the developer says. How am I supposed to know what they need from me?

How do I show the developer I actually know stuff about UI and have my own requirements?

I want to feel more comfortable talking to developers and handing off projects.

The developer says my design sucks – and I just don’t know what to tell them.

I feel it’s my responsibility to make design-related decisions. But developers often have their own ideas, and I want to be able to explain to them when they’re bad UX.

I want to create a smooth workflow setup with my dev.

Then take a quick look at how this course can help
Then take a quick look at how this course can help

I NEED to know how to work with developers and not go mad

And you know they don’t have to. So, here’s a way out – a course that will help you design faster, get more organized, and create a repeatable system for all your designs. That, plus appear much more pro in front of your clients, team, or the developer you’re working with.

When you complete it, you’ll know how to create design rules for your projects and organize design components. So that your design system becomes a standard others can understand and easily follow when coding or scaling the design.

Get friends with the dev

  • Prep for development

    Minimize the time it takes to onboard developers in a project with clear guidelines any developer will know how to use (and will maybe even thank you for. Not a promise, though.)

  • Keep track

    Have all the assets a dev needs ready, along with a checklist that’ll make their job easier while letting you see what’s done and what’s not.

  • Learn the lingo

    Break the communication barrier and finally get what they’re saying while making yourself heard and understood, too. Even with zero idea how to code.

Talk UX (almost) like a dev

  • Get more done

    Minimize the back-and-forth between UX design and development with all the elements a developer needs in place before they even start.

  • Play on one team

    Work along development – and not against it – to come up with an app or platform people will enjoy looking at and clicking (or swiping) through.

  • Get the design you want

    Support your arguments and user-centered solutions from the development POV. And end up with a product that looks and works the way it was designed to.

What's inside the course?
What's inside the course?

  • Step 1
    Learn the different types of documentation - how to use artboards with your design, how to showcase interactive prototypes as well as document it properly in your specs.
  • Step 2
    Learn how to look at the design from the perspective of a developer - it’s not about how it works but how it’s going to be built.
  • Step 3
    Learn how to document the functionality of an interface - its structure as well as interaction models.
  • Step 4
    Learn how to design responsive web apps that are easy to understand and implement by the developers.

I can say with full certainty that I appreciated getting that insight into UX design and that entrepreneur spirit that Andy shared with us. I've grown interested in those fields since I took part in that course.



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Want to avoid doing a course then forgetting about it? We want that for you too. So you'll get ongoing support from our weekly online community #RebelInnercycle to help you keep accountable and use - and sell - the skills you learned during the course.

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Get this course right now!

$ 290

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Make the shift with Andy:
Make the shift with Andy:

Andy Woynarowski

Creative director, leader, artist, and UX design rebel. Creator of99grit Academy. Expert in design thinking, user experience design, visual design, and concept art. With experience working on multi-million-dollar digital transformation projects, writing books on the subject, and teaching thousands of students in 120 countries both online and at the Fine Art Academy in Gdansk, Poland. Someone who's been there and can help you get there, too.


  • Who is this course for?
    It’s for user experience designers, UI designers, and visual/graphic designers. Any designer who wants to learn building design systems and have a repeatable, dependable, and time-saving design process.
  • I'm a graphic designer, is this course for me?
    Yep, it’s definitely for you if you want to upskill to become a UX designer. Or just know how to build usable websites and other designs without generating the usual chaos.
  •  **Is this course useful in a UX job?**
    It’s essential! Understanding and knowing how to create design systems will make you a valued design expert people want to work with.
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