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Get all your UX design skills from one course bundle: from research to app design all the way to communicating it to the development team. And make the shift!

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Sound Familiar?

I want to become a UX designer, but I’ve no idea where to start.

I need a course that will cover all I need to know – I’m done looking all over the Internet for scattered pieces of info.

I want to get a job in UX, but have zero experience.

I’ve done some free courses but I’m no closer to getting a UX job.

Then take a quick look at how this course can help
Then take a quick look at how this course can help

How do I get a job in UX if I don’t have the experience?

Everyone started somewhere. And you can start with this course. It’ll take you through the entire UX design process, helping you understand it. You’ll learn about research methods, usability tests, and user interviews. Creating navigation and designing interactions, user flows, and informational architecture. All. The. UX. Things.

In other words, all you need to know to start your career in UX design. Even if you have no experience, you’ll likely know more than many beginners in the field. Plus, you’ll do all of this in practice, so technically, you’ll no longer be “inexperienced.”

Get skills to get yourself hired

  • Think like a UX designer

    Get to know the fundamentals and best practices to quickly build apps and user interfaces like you’re using Lego blocks.

  • See the big picture

    Learn how to go through the entire UX design process – from research to implementation, every single time (and we’re pretty sure there’s gonna be many!)

  • Build your toolkit

    Get practical tools, try them out building your own prototypes, and go from feeling overwhelmed to confident and knowing what to do.

Become a full-stack UX designer

  • Know the WHAT

    Find out all the business requirements and turn them into functional elements of the interface you’re designing.

  • Know the WHO

    Know how to research user needs and turn them into usable features and navigation people will appreciate instead of hating.

  • Understand the HOW

    Follow all the steps to create the design for a digital product and get it ready for development.

What's inside the course?
What's inside the course?

  • Step 1
    You’ll learn how to prepare, manage and synthesise workshops to gain insight into the worlds of the business and the user to kickstart any project. 
  • Step 2
    You’ll learn how to map out a detailed business perspective so that your design creates an impact your Clients will be happy to pay for.
  • Step 3
    You’ll learn how to undertake research to validate your assumptions using qualitative and quantitative research methods and how to synthesise them into actionable design insights.
  • Step 4
    You’ll learn how to design a kickass app to suit the business outcome in the context of the users. Starting with an idea that we turn into Information Architecture and User Flows followed by wieframes and app design to the finest detail. 
  • Step 5
    You’ll learn how to use your design to create an efficient and scalable design system and document it properly for the development process so that people down the line that will be implementing the software you designed will thank you for the work instead of trying to kill it. 
  • Step 6
    Build a kickass portfolio and CV that showcases everything that you’ve learnt and what the market is looking for.

The experience I've gotten from this lectures is bearing fruit right now in my college course. After Andy's teachings a lot of new and already heard information in my classes is a lot more understandable, especially the UX strategy part.



Got skills. Now what?

Want to avoid doing a course then forgetting about it? We want that for you too. So you'll get ongoing support from our weekly online community #RebelInnercycle to help you keep accountable and use - and sell - the skills you learned during the course.

What you're getting

Job - ready skills

A professional Toolkit

License for commercial use

Resources you actually know how to use

Access to the rebel's inner circle every week

A Diploma confirming your skills

Invest in yourself

Get this course right now!

$ 1,390

It's time to make the shift!

Make the shift with Andy:
Make the shift with Andy:

Andy Woynarowski

Creative director, leader, artist, and UX design rebel. Creator of99grit Academy. Expert in design thinking, user experience design, visual design, and concept art. With experience working on multi-million-dollar digital transformation projects, writing books on the subject, and teaching thousands of students in 120 countries both online and at the Fine Art Academy in Gdansk, Poland. Someone who's been there and can help you get there, too.


  • **Who is this course for?**
    It’s for user experience designers, UI designers, and visual/graphic designers. Any designer who wants to have a repeatable, dependable, and time-saving UX design process.
  • I'm a graphic designer, is this course for me?
    If you’ve been thinking about going into UX, this is the one course you need.
  • Is this course necessary for my work as a UX Designer?
    It’s your springboard to a job in UX, quite literally. You’ll get solid foundations for your work, with all the gaps filled in and a deep understanding of the job.
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